The Club

Founded in 1942, Camarada Women's Service and Social Club is the most tenured women's group on Anderson University's campus.  With almost 100 current members and well over 1,500 alumni, Camarada is a growing network of sisterhood that is governed by three pillars of membership: friendship, love, and service.


"The ultimate objectives of Camarada are to promote the interests of Anderson University, to provide an opportunity for women (and Camarada Kids) to unite and have Christian fellowship with one another.  To give of ourselves in service to others and to challenge each other to grow in the Lord while striving to set a Christ-like example within the campus, community, and abroad." -- Camarada Constitution


Relationships based on vulnerability, authenticity, and trust are a priority to the women of Camarada.  All that we do serves to build and sustain community among our members.


Jesus exhibited a kind of love with his words and actions that we in Camarada work to model in our daily lives.  We seek to answer the question, "How can we love others better, more fully, and without condition?"


Camarada is exeptionally committed to serving our campus, our community, and areas far beyond.  Every spring, Camarada hosts a free carnival, called Praisefest, for children in the Anderson area.  In partnership with Compassion International, the women of Camarada have also sponsored the fulfillment of needs of a young woman from Venezuela for the past 15 years.